Accommodation Rules


1. General Provisions
one. Basic concepts used in this Regulation shall mean:
“Services” – a range of services, the main of which is to provide reception and accommodation for temporary residence. (Hereinafter services)
“Hotel”, “hotel” – a property complex (building, part of the building, non-residential premises, equipment and other property) designed to provide hotel services.
“Consumer”- citizen having intention to order or purchase or ordering, purchasing and / or using hotel services and exclusively for personal, family, household and other needs, including services related to the performance of their duties, not related to business activities ( hereinafter guest).
“Executor” – SP Vorobyov Vladimir Borisovich, providing services for compensated contract.
“Customer”- physical (legal) person who has the intention to order or buy any ordering or purchasing accommodation services in accordance with the contract for the provision of hotel services (hereinafter the Agreement) in favor of the guest.
“Reservation” -reservation of seats and / or rooms in a hotel by the customer (consumer).
“Checkout time” -time set by the Executive for the arrival and departure of the consumer.
“Reception” -Reception area (stand) hotel.
“Visitor”- person not living in a hotel.
two. The hotel is intended for temporary residence.
3. hotel operation – non-stop.
Four. Check the rules:
Check guests begins with 14.00 Moscow time on the day of arrival. Check out reviews -12:00.
5.Raschetny time at the hotel “Zastava” – 12:00 hours Moscow time.
Placing citizens at their arrival, for the period specified in the application, but no more than 180 days.
for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship hotel services available within the period of validity of the visa and / or immigration card. For persons arriving in the visa-free regime, the period of hotel services does not exceed 90 days.
6. Check in at the hotel guests areRussian citizens Is made upon presentation of the original identity document of a citizen of the Russian Federation and processed in the order, namely:
– passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, an identity.
– passport of the citizen of the USSR, the identity of the citizen, to replace it by the due date on the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
– a birth certificate for persons under 14 years of age;
– passport, identity card of the citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation, – for persons residing outside the Russian Federation;
Check in at the hotel guests are foreign nationals or stateless persons made in the provision of original documents listed below, issued in the established order:
– the national passport of a foreign citizen;
– a document issued by a foreign state and recognized in accordance with the international treaty of the Russian Federation as a document certifying the stateless person;
– a temporary residence permit stateless persons;
– a residence permit stateless persons
– migration card;
– visa for citizens of countries that have established a Russian visa

7. Hotel accommodation of persons under the age of 18 may be accompanied by an adult.
8. The hotel has the right to refuse to check in case the guest is in a state of strong alcoholic, psychotropic, narcotic or toxic intoxication, expressed swearing, rude, disturbing public order.
9. The right to extraordinary service in the hotel are:
– Heroes of Russia and the Soviet Union, full gentlemen of awards of Glory;
– invalids and participants of the Great Patriotic War;
– childhood disabilities, disabled Groups 1 and one person accompanying him;
– law enforcement and judicial authorities in the performance of their duties;
– other categories of citizens who, in accordance with Russian legislation granted the right to vneoocherednoe service
10. The hotel is set tobacco smoking ban.

2. The rules of the hotel booking “Zastava” and the order of payment
one “Artist” has the right to determine the procedure for hotel reservations and to conclude a contract for the booking of places by drawing up a document signed by the two parties, as well as through the adoption of a reservation request by telephone or other means of communication that allows reliably establish that the application comes from potrebitelya.V application you must specify: name, phone number, e-mail, the number of people, arrival and departure dates, room category, a form of payment.
two. Reservations can be guaranteed and unguaranteed:
– To receive guaranteed reservationyou need to make an advance payment of 100% of the room for the first night (payment at the reception of the hotel or b \ n). Payment details can be obtained by e-mail, calling the administration by phone (4922) 325634 or printed on site
– non-guaranteed reservations – Room reservations (space in the room) the hotel (by phone), in which the payment is made upon arrival, and check into a hotel. In case of delay non-guaranteed reservation is retained by the client before 20.00 hours local time on the specified day of arrival.
When the non-arrival of the specified time before a reservation is canceled. The obligations of the hotel for the reception and placement of stops and further allocations made subject to availability on a common basis.
Financial obligations between the hotel and the guest with non-guaranteed reservations does not arise.
3. Guaranteed booking is reserved for a guest for the first night accommodation (until checkout time 12.00 the day following the day of arrival).
In case of delay, non-arrival of the guest without prior notice or late (delayed) cancellation, with him being charged for the actual simple room (bed room), but no more than a day, ie, the hotel shall refund the guest manufactured prepaid net of penalties – the first night’s accommodation.
Tardiness or early departure will not be compensated except for a valid reason (family reasons guests, confirmed by documents) and / or force majeure.
Four.Prepayment with guaranteed reservations made by bank transfer or card, as well as other methods of cash and non-cash payment. The reservation will be finally confirmed after the receipt of the money to the bank account or payment in cash at the hotel the day before arrival. In the case of payment in a timely reservation is considered canceled Booze notice.
5.The price of the room (bed room) additional space, as well as the form of payment and penalties established performer.
6. Contractor established daily Payment.
7. Payment for accommodation and additional services of the hotel is carried on the price list approved by the hotel.
8. for hotel accommodation will be charged in accordance with the checkout time – 12:00 hours and can be made by cash, non-cash payment.
Estimated time of release numbers (leaving) – at 12.00 pm local time, arrival in the room – from 14.00 hours.
If paying by cash payment must be made upon arrival. In this case, the bill for the services rendered is issued when leaving guest after receiving room administrator.
9. When placing the guest in the event of arrival (Subject to payment of more than a day later stay) – up checkout time (from 0.00 hours to 12.00 hours) fee will be charged on the amount of 50% of the room (a place in the room).
10. In the case of guest departure delay per stay will be charged in the following order:
– no more than 2 hours after checkout time (up to 14.00 hours of the day) in the amount of 25% of the room (a place in the room);
– from 2 to 6 hours after checkout time (up to 18.00 hours of the day) in the amount of 50% of the room (a place in the room)
– more than 6 hours after checkout time (after 18.00 hours of the day) – in the amount of 100% of the room (a place in the room).
eleven. For stays not more than one day (24 hours) charged for the day regardless of the checkout time.
12. All children:
– to 6-ti years It is free of charge without an extra bed;
– from 6-ti years will be charged at the rate of the room (bed room)

13. If necessary, extend the stay is necessary to obtain prior approval and extending the date of departure.
If necessary, extend the stay in the hotel after the paid period, the guest must inform the administrator no later than 2 hours before the end of the period of residence. When the administration of the existing opportunities to meet the guest’s request to extend the stay, but has the right to propose to the other room, and in the absence of free rooms, refuse to extend the stay.

3. The order of service
one. The hotel provides guests / clients the following list of free services:
– use Parking is subject to availability;
– information about the city of Vladimir
– provision of boiling water, needles, thread, set of dishes and tableware instruments;
– to call an ambulance. other special services
– delivery to the room of the hotel correspondence; addressed to the guest
– use of medical kit (stored in the reception);
– wake-up call
– bottled water cooler in the hallway
– taxi
two. In the case of damage to hotel property will be charged according to the price list damage to property.
Four. Rights and obligations of hotel management
one. The hotel has the right to replace the numbers provided by the guest or room in the inn and demand the immediate release of previously occupied guest room in case of the need to implement in the occupied guest rooms emergency repair, sanitary – epidemiological and other measures aimed at addressing the causes that threaten or impede their normal ( quality and safe) use.
two.Administratsiya The guest has the right to refuse to provide accommodation services and evict guests from the hotel in case of violation of this Regulation, late payment for accommodation and additional services, the manifestations of the guests against staff and other travelers aggression or actions that threaten the health and safety or property of others persons. Items left in the guest room, to be released after the expiration of the paid period of residence under the concluded contract of accommodation services, placed the hotel on the storage locker or other suitable premises for this purpose, with the laying on of all consumers in their maintenance costs. Putting things on storage is the hotel management in the presence of officers from the Internal Security Service Hotels.
3.In the case of gross misconduct, or the fire safety of the guests, the hotel management has the right to refuse to further stay in a hotel with the mandatory drafting the act on the incident and, if necessary, inviting the competent authorities.
Four.The hotel provides safety of personal belongings of residents who are in the room, subject to the order of hotel accommodation and conditions mentioned this Regulation. In case of forgotten things Hotel shall make every effort to return them to the owner, according to the established order.
5.For the loss of money, other currency values, securities, credit and phone cards, jewelry, jewelry and other precious things are not deposited, shall not be liable hotel.
6.The hotel keeps the guest of a forgotten thing for 6 months. Valuables and large sums of money stored in the Hotel up to 1 year from the date of the Act of forgotten things.
7.Gostinitsa is not responsible for the guest’s health in the case of the use of their food and drinks purchased outside the hotel.
8.Gostinitsa ensures full compliance with SES, other normative acts quality of services offered Hotel.
9.The hotel provides the privacy of guests and visitors to hotels.
10.Gostinitsa will promptly respond to the request of the guests in eliminating the inconvenience of breakdowns in the hotel’s accommodation.
eleven. Guest acknowledges and does not object to the fact of use in hotel rooms (except room and toilet cabins) video surveillance systems.
12. It is strictly forbidden:
smoking in the room; the use of appliances (with the exception provided by the administration); destruction of property hotel, relocation beyond the number of towels, blankets, and other property of the hotel, storage room flammable things.
13. It is recommended to leave room keys at the reception.
14. Before leaving, turn off the lights and TV.
15. We ask you to keep quiet after 23.00.
16. The hotel is not allowed to find animals

5. Rights and obligations of the hotel guests.
1. The guest is obliged to:
• ullet observe the established order of hotel accommodation and payment of services rendered • ullet be clean, take care of the property and equipment of the hotel • ullet pay damages in case of loss or damage to the property of the hotel in accordance with applicable Russian legislation. The amount of damage is determined by prices Hotels Price List on the day of discovery of the damage. In the case of damages constitutes an act of reparation in 2 copies • ullet not disturb other guests staying at the hotel, keep quiet and order in the room, the public order in the hotel • ullet not create the conditions and to prevent accidents of electric, water, heating supply networks and other technical, engineering systems and equipment of the hotel • ullet the detection of infectious disease at the Guest or suspected such immediate release number Hotels (Article 33 of the Federal Law №52 «On sanitary and epidemiological welfare of population” from 30.03.1999, the) • ullet strictly observe the rules of fire safety by preventing the occurrence of fires • ullet timely and fully pay for additional services provided by the contractor is not included in the room rate. In case of delayed payment the guest of the cost of such services rendered by them to provide terminated until full repayment of debt • ullet when leaving the room to close the intake valves, windows, turn off the lights, TV and other electrical appliances, close the room • ullet upon check-out to make a full payment for paid services provided by him,
2.Gost when deficiencies in the service provided may require gratuitous elimination of defects. Guests are entitled to terminate the contract if it found significant deficiencies in the service provided.3. The hotel shall be prohibited: SMOKING
• ullet left in the room by unauthorized persons (persons who are not party to the declared agreement of hotel services), and send them the room key • ullet store bulky things, inflammable materials, weapons, chemical, radioactive and explosive substances, mercury • ullet guests having engaged in the business the right to possess weapons, are required at the request of the hotel management to provide documents proving this right • ullet store and unauthorized use of pyrotechnic Delia • ullet use electric heaters • ullet rearrange the furniture in the room • ullet disturb hotel guests after 23-00 • ullet be persons diagnosed with an infectious disease or suspected to have such • ullet keep in the room of animals, birds, reptiles, insects and pr.V case of violation of the conditions specified in this paragraph shall be entitled to terminate the provision of hotel hotel services unilaterally
6. Settlement of disputes.
one.Kniga feedback and suggestions is the administrator of the Reception and issued the first request of the guest.
Claims and complaints are dealt with within one month from the date of filing of the complaint.
two.In case of any disputes regarding the quality of service, the two sides should seek to resolve the matter on the spot. If the problem can not be solved on the spot, Guest must present their claims in writing. Failure to do so could cause a complete or partial failure to satisfy it.
3.In case of failure to eliminate the revealed shortcomings in place, shall be drawn up, signed by the authorized person of the guests and hotels, in 2 copies with indication of all the comments.